Work Out at Homes in Cebu

Work Out at Homes in Cebu

Wednesday, 08 February 2017


Strong quadriceps or thigh muscles are the powerhouse behind optimum performance in a variety of athletics, from running and jumping to kicking and lifting. Quadriceps are also one of the largest muscles in the body. The more toned they are, the more fat you burn. Well developed quads also play a big part in maintaining balance to prevent falls. A significant fact for our senior members. And besides, developed quadriceps look great!

If you’re a weekend athlete – someone who takes to sports at full force on Saturdays and Sundays – you’ll especially want to focus on building strong quads during your workouts. To do so, leg extensions are key.

Specialized Fitness USA equipment allows for proper and effective leg extensions, challenging and progressively strengthening all the muscles. Your Fitness USA instructor will show you which machines are right for you and how many reps you’ll need on each to get the strong defined quads you need and want.

When you live at 38 Park Avenue you don’t have to be a weekend athlete with access to the 38 park avenue fitness centres 24/7 coupled with a jogging trail keeping fit doesn’t have to be a chore any more


“Balanced Training”: Top Fitness In Optimum Time

Looking great and feeling even better is what fitness USA is all about. To achieve total fitness, attention must be given to four distinct areas: strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

And it’s crucial for that attention to be “balanced.” That’s what “Balanced Training” at Fitness USA is all about. When an exercise program focuses on just one measure of fitness, the other areas suffer.

For instance, a body builder with superior strength can have poor flexibility or average cardiovascular endurance. Likewise, some marathon runners lack muscular strength. Yet if you want to develop all four fitness areas, the way to do so is with a personalized program of “Balanced Training” at Fitness USA. What’s more, results are seen in a fairly short time.

Fitness USA has offered balanced training, “the 45 minute workout that really works,” for 40 years. It’s a tried and true method of improving all four areas of fitness using a continuous series of specific exercises. High numbers of reps for each muscle group are required with just brief rests in between. Stretching exercises are combined with the series of reps. Since there is little time between sets, the heart rate stays up and cardiovascular endurance improves along with muscular endurance and strength.

And not only will you get fit faster, you’ll reduce your body fat and improve your muscle tone.

Maximum fitness benefits come from specific training in each separate area, but with “Balanced Training,” total fitness is a goal you can reach for – and achieve – in a relatively short period of time.

Talk to your Fitness USA instructor about “Balanced Training” for a total body exercise routine. A tailor-made program that targets each body part and pays specific attention to problem areas is waiting for you at Fitness USA.

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