Client Recommendations

Michelle Writes

“What a fantastic program! (Elelment of Weight-Loss) I started my new journey tired and frustrated because I wasn’t losing weight. I was bored with what I was eating, lacking motivation and just plain confused about healthy food choices!
I learned how eating specific foods during different times of the day could help in weight loss. Carl showed me how to make over some of my favorite recipes so they were healthy alternatives. I was introduced to several different foods that I would have never tried before. I am learning to embrace a whole new way of eating and cooking.
After about two weeks I began to notice drastic changes! I no longer need coffee to wake up every morning. I had so much more energy. My skin was clear, no more acne. I am losing weight and I feel great! Even better others around me noticed my changes also! Carl has been right with me every step of the way inspiring and moving me forward. Challenging me with a whole new way to look at food!
What a amazing journey I’m on! Looking forward to keeping up with my new balance and healthy habits I’ve learned on this program! “

Terressa Writes:

For her complete story visit: http://www.el3mentsofwellness.com/success-stories

“Carl started me on a weight loss plan. (Elelment of Weight-Loss) It included a fitness, nutrition, and supplement strategy. Everything was laid out; no guessing. He took the time to understand my health needs and the medications I had been placed on and created the plan that was centered around me and my needs at that very moment in my life. Additionally, he was there every step of the way; contacting me daily; tracking my progress weekly; supporting me; adjusting the plan as my needs changed. I received a weekly shopping list, menu , recipes and layout for the following week.

Carl has in depth knowledge and skills regarding nutrition and fitness. I would not have been able to change my health without his help. I recommend Carl to any one wanting to get into the best shape of their life. Do you want to see real changes to your nutrition and fitness and not feel like just another client? Carl is the one who can help you make that happen. He is very dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable. You will see real changes and feel fantastic. You will learn a lifestyle of wellness and become the best you to date!”

Janice Writes:

“I’m feeling better than I have in a very long time, thanks to your help and guidance. I’m feeling more energetic even late in the day where normally I’d be tired around 2:00pm”? And we have just begun!”

(Element of Weight-Loss)