Sunday, 25 September 2016
Natural Healing

The world of fitness, weight loss and wellness is filled with all sorts of promises. From that latest and greatest diet craze to the most recent “miracle” food, the newest fitness gadget and the latest marketing strategy to hit the grocery store shelves, you are bombarded with one promise after another. But are they working for people? Most are not, especially long term. What if I told you that none of those were necessary to achieve your goals? That is in fact, my message to you. You can forget all of those promises! There is another way, a better way, a natural way. A way that was designed just for you by your creator!

Rapidly Increasing Global Obesity

Obesity is rising rapidly throughout the world. Driven by refined, processed, fast foods, even our children are now obese. Remember when kids were skinny and only the elderly were overweight? I do. When I was a kid, I simply was not allowed to eat half of what most kids today consider normal. In fact, I believe most kids don’t even really know what real food is today. The reality is that the average child, young adult, middle aged adult and elderly citizen are now significantly over weight! And food is the biggest offender.

Increasingly Sedentary Lifestyles

Adding insult to injury is a world of technological advancements that no longer demand manual labor for most people. Far more hours are spent at a desk, in front of a computer or TV playing video games, texting ,emailing, chatting and searching the internet. All the while that fast, convenient food is still being consumed. The results are overweight, out of shape citizens who are performing at far less than their best.

Rampant Illness and Disease

And that leads to the next problem; illness and disease! They are rampant. Unprecedented incidents of cancer, diabetes, arthritis and many other debilitating maladies plague society not to mention the everyday aches and pains. To then make it all the worse, synthetic treatments are administered as every day faire as if a natural means of wellness.

The Reality is Frightening.

This is your body, your life. Obesity, sedentary lifestyle, poor quality food sources and all the synthetic medications that attempt to cure the results are slowly killing you. They are preventing you from living your best life. They are robbing you!

In spite of the recent movements for health and wellness, these problems continue to advance and increase throughout the world and they are slowly crippling society. On the surface, it may seem that we are in control, one step ahead of the looming disaster but the simple truth is that the clock is ticking down on your health, your wellness and frankly your ability to live an authentic life.

Thankfully, there is a now a creative, interactive, fun, community based, natural solution.

Simply Good Health Coaching Services is here and ready to empower you to seize your birthright of health and wellness!

I am now offering you the methods, resources and tools that I used to overcome cancer and the congestive heart failure that resulted. Today,

I am 16 Years Disease Free!

So, I am introducing Simply Good Health Coaching programs where Real People, Real Solutions, Real Results, Real Health are the goals. Through innovative Facebook communites, secret groups, special expert guests and one on one interaction with me, Carl Mason-Liebeneberg, you will discover the power of all natural weight loss, natural healing and exercise for women in 4 intensive programs.

Here are some of the benefits you can experience with

Simply Good Health Coaching:

  • All natural weight loss plans to shed those stubborn and unwanted pounds
  • Whole foods nutritional plans to transform you health
  • Fitness plans that help build strength, improve balance, tone, shape and enhance your physiqu
  • Renewed hope, vitality and energy
  • Reduced stress
  • A new sense of well being, passion and purpose
  • Reduction of medications

PLUS, Simply Good Health Coaching does so much more:

  • Fewer doctors visit
  • Less cost in remedies, repairs, corrective surgeries
  • Communities with common goals to promote accountability, support, encouragement and success in a team effort
  • Weekly videos, recipes and featured fitness movements
  • Direct access to me, Carl Mason-Liebenberg, and my knowledge for health, fitness and wellness
  • You will learn nature’s way to wellness! You will transform your life!

Simply Good Health Coaching offers 4 Incredible, Exciting and Effective Opportunities

“What a fantastic program! I started my new journey tired and frustrated because I wasn’t losing weight. I was bored with what I was eating, lacking motivation and just plain confused about healthy food choices!

I learned how eating specific foods during different times of the day could help in weight loss. Carl showed me how to make over some of my favorite recipes so they were healthy alternatives. I was introduced to several different foods that I would have never tried before. I am learning to embrace a whole new way of eating and cooking.

After about two weeks I began to notice drastic changes! I no longer need coffee to wake up every morning. I had so much more energy. My skin was clear, no more acne. I am losing weight and I feel great! Even better others around me noticed my changes also! Carl has been right with me every step of the way inspiring and moving me forward. Challenging me with a whole new way to look at food!

What an amazing journey I’m on! Looking forward to keeping up with my new balance and healthy habits I’ve learned on this program! “ Michelle Martin DiBenedetti

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Space is limited as these are intensive programs. So make today the first day of the rest of your life and make it your best life! You deserve authentic weight loss, health, wellness, fitness and healing and they can be yours with Simply Good Health Coaching services.

Real People, Real Solutions, Real Results, Real Health, that is our commitment to you! Join us on this most incredible journey today and achieve your goals to attain authentic health and wellness; in becoming the best you of your life and being enabled to live your best life empowered to fulfil your divine purpose and passion.

Remember, space is limited as these are highly intensive programs. So grab your spot today and let the transformation begin!

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