Sunday, 25 September 2016
Exercise for Women

Join me in offering Tara Yvonne Chatzaki a warm welcome as our very first guest blogger! T think the world of Tara and so was very pleased when she agreed to post for us today about one of her passions, T-Tapp. I think you are going to love this isometric fitness routine!

Thank you, Tara!

T-Tapp Logo

Have you ever T-Tapped?

Do you even know what it is? LOL!

T-Tapp is a form of exercise that was created by Teresa Tapp.

Teresa spent many years working in the modeling industry working to get and keep models in shape. She has also dedicated many years to finding ways to help those going through chemo reduce the effects of the drug on their bodies.

I became interested in T-Tapp about 3 years ago. I was searching through the Internet for an exercise programme that I could do at home, quickly and easily. Having three daughters and working evenings I don’t have the time to devote to a gym. From the first moment I tried T-Tapp I fell in love with it, and so did my muscles!

When I started my abdominal muscles were so weak, after my babies, I couldn’t even do one sit-up! I’m glad to say that now I pack a little more juice.

It’s a pretty addictive fitness routine. I have since managed to get my friends addicted too!

It’s isometric which means that you don’t use any equipment, you use your own body to create resistance for your muscles. It also makes the muscles pull at both ends of the attachment so it’s easier to get elongated muscles, making women look sleeker and slimmer. It’s a cardio work out even though it is extremely low impact exercise and its power to burn fat is truly amazing!

There are many ways to start T-Tapp, I jumped straight in and ordered the Total Workout immediately! You can talk to the T-Tapp staff to ask for advice, they are really great and love helping people. The Basic workout is only 15 minutes long! Now, I KNOW you’ve got time for that!

Teresa knows that there are many different programmes out there and she also knows that you need to be able to ‘feel’ what she’s talking about. For that reason she has a specific ‘Try before you buy’ section on her site offering you the chance to try T-Tapp before you make a decision. Here’s the page for the ‘freebies’

And here’s also a sneak peak at Teresa’s You Tube Channel where you can find amazing testimonials not to mention T-Tapp exercises and form tips.

I love T-Tapp and since starting it 3 years ago I have become a Trainer and help others get the T-Tapp ‘bug’ 🙂 Try it let me know what you and your muscles think, I’m sure you’ll both love the exercises too!

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