Meet Us

Calrs Working OutCarl Mason-LiebenbergCarl 2010

I am 43, approaching 44.

I am an overcomer. A survivor. Facing three battles with cancer in my 20′s, given a life expectancy of a few years at best, I determined, as I had through my childhood abuses, to conquer the demons that sought to destroy me. I did. Thanks to my faith in a loving God and to a revelation of the power of nutritional provision and purity along with physical fitness, I have been cancer free for nearly 14 years.

I’ve not only overcome abuse and disease, but I have overcome personal doubt, lies that I accepted and hid behind in the name of doing the right thing. I faced my fears, accepted the truth of who I am and began yet another new journey in my life. Moving to South Africa, I married Adriaan and began to build a life that I had only secretly dreamed of living.

I am blessed. I’m in love. I am loved. I am well.

And, I now share it all with you. From fitness to nutrition and, maybe along the way a little inspiration, I now seek to teach and empower you to be the Best you to date; to grow, improve, live authentically every day of your life; to be fit, well and strong; to prosper not just survive.

I propose a journey together; a journey to wellness!

AdriaanAdriaan Liebenberg-Mason

I am 30.

I too am an overcomer. Life has offered many challenges from childhood to cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome. But, I have always been determined. I will not surrender. I will not be ruled by the circumstancesof my life.

I tried to be what the world thought I should be, professionally and personally. Until three years ago, facing cancer, I decided to accept myself, for who and what I was created to be. I am what I am and I have no regrets for it!

I now live my life authentically as ME. My strengths, my weaknesses are not hidden, they are not denied. They are embraced.

I am married to Carl and together we seek to empower others to overcome, to find wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Together, we join you in a journey to become the best you possible; just as we do the same in our own lives.