Sunday, 25 September 2016
Weight Loss

Why do you need a coach to lose weight? Maybe you feel you don’t; that you can succeed perfectly well on your own. Let me ask you this. How many diets have you done? How many times have you lost weight only to gain it all back when the diet ended? How long did you starve yourself?  Are you still overweight and out of shape?

Truth be told, as you have probably gathered by now, diets don’t work!

So, let’s be honest, you need to lose weight, get in shape and take control of your health and healing but in spite of all you’ve tried in the past you’re still wondering where to begin and how to do it right this time. Am I right?

There’s a lot of misinformation, gadgets, fads and miracle cure promises to help you lose weight these days. It is confusing, expensive and well, ineffective. We, meaning society, have tried so hard to cheapen health and make it convenient. What we have accomplished is the opposite. Obesity and weakness are the new normal. And frankly, not many people actually know what authentic health, all natural weight loss and active lifestyles are much less what real food is in today’ market.

Health and wellness are about much more than just a cheap program, fat free foods. all soup diets and stroll on the treadmill. In order to lose weight you have to discover and understand nature’s provision, the body’s need for movement and the incredible benefits both bring to your life.

Additionally, you have to have support, accountability and empowerment! “It takes a village” to make a healthy body! You can’t go it alone because you weren’t designed for solitary life. You need like minds, wisdom, insight, experience, love, care, grace, motivation and yes, the occasional kick in the arse to lose weight.

The fact is, the information becomes more confusing every day and people are struggling in silent desperation and hopelessness. However, health, fitness and a lifestyle of wellness doesn’t have to be scary, complicated, bland or boring. We’ve made it so but the truth is that it should be EASY and most importantly, FUN and a coach will help you discover that truth and even more importantly, success.

Not everybody has the time to wade through the information overload that is out there today and find the right tools and information that will help them lose weight. This is where I, a coach, can help! I have 15 years of knowledge and experience and I can tell you what works, why it works and best yet, show YOU how to apply it all for success.

I have helped people, just like you, take control of their health by showing them how to use the knowledge and tools I learned in my journey to overcoming cancer, congestive heart failure, go from scrawny to brawny and now use every day to maintain a lifestyle of wellness. I have saved them countless hours of frustration, misinformation and confusion, spared them years on yo-yo diets and make shift fitness plans and launched them forward to success. That is what a coach does!

In my coaching programs, we cover topics like…

  • How to increase your fat burning potential!
  • When to eat what to reach your goals!
  • The best cardio and resistance training techniques!
  • What whole foods nutrition really means!
  • How quality is the real key to success!
  • What fitness movements work and why!
  • Proper workout form!
  • The elements of all natural weight loss!
  • Nature’s provision for healing!
  • How to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously!
  • Why to eat what!
  • How nutrition can be a tool for healing!
  • Making the transition to a lifestyle of wellness.
  • And that is just the weight loss coaching… the list goes on and on…

This is why coaching is a must!

So, let me ask you how long are you going to wait to take the steps to reach your goals, lose weight and become the best You of your life? Those who wait will remain overweight, out of shape and struggling with illness, misinformation and simply information overload!

Are you ready? Stop asking and start doing with the new and improved Simply Good Weight Loss program.

This is a 3 month program and will be limited to 5 participants at a time! And the price has been slashed to remove any possible excuse to not make your health a priority…but only for a limited time!

So…no excuses. Begin your journey to success today- lose weight, get in shape and be your best YOU! Ready, set….Let’s GO!

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