Sunday, 25 September 2016

I am very excited to feature this guest post by friend and Designer Rob Russo. I have come to know him in past months and really grown to appreciate his skill, his passion for his work and for helping those around him. So this is an honor for sure to have him join us today with this great post on a very critical element of success, CONSISTENCY! Thank you, Rob!

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

We’ve all heard that proverb that implies anything worth achieving can’t (and won’t) happen overnight. Big business achievements, a fit and healthy body, or great relationships in everyday life… These goals and desires take time to develop.

It takes consistent small steps in life to be good, productive, and successful in health and in business … In all things! And, I’ve found that most of these key components are related. Have you found this to be true, too?

For example, you will have a clearer head and sharper focus in your business and life — be it running a Fortune 500 company or running a family at home — if you focus on your fitness and nutrition first. You will have more energy to tackle your day after you get a good workout in. I bet you’ll accomplish more on your to-do list (and avoid that mid-afternoon slump) if you focus on clean eating throughout the day.

My expertise is in marketing, design, and branding. And if you are in business or just starting out, you should realize brand consistency is a key step in building a successful business. Know, though, that branding is more than your name or a logo or a color. Your brand is more the perception your audience has about you and the realization, that YOU (your business or service, etc.) are the solution to their problem(s). Your goal in branding is to position yourself as the go-to-expert in your desired niche.

What do you want to be known for? Your branding should reflect that. As you build followers, fans and customers on your site, aim to send them the same message across the board.

And while elements such as a logo, colors and even your photo will not make your brand on their own, they certainly can influence a desired perception and should not be ignored. If you use the color red or a certain font, make sure it makes sense in your branding efforts and you carry those themes across all that you do – online, in print and everywhere.

And just like healthy relationships are a must in your for a rewarding personal life, most businesses today are hinged on just that: personal, healthy relationships.

People want to get to know you and earn your trust. We all connect with a face and we want to see the person behind the company. Make sure you have a nice photo to use as a profile image and use it everywhere – on social media networks, on blog comments and, if applicable, on print materials such as business cards. And don’t update it too often!

When you change your photo too often or are inconsistent with the use of color, typography and other design elements, you send a confusing,,incoherent message.A big change could suggest a brand refresh or complete overhaul. A significant change in your brand or company is suggested. You see this in the corporate world when large companies merge and one company buys up another. Rarely does the company name, logo, colors and other materials stay the same in this case.

And for a fit and healthy body? I know two things:

  • 1: Start with a BIG goal. Do you want to lose weight? Eat cleaner? Or other?
  • 2: Break it down in small, attainable steps. You didn’t get overweight and become unhealthy overnight. Habits are formed over time and the bad ones need time to break or modify. But changing your thinking, adding in a simple exercise program or trying a new healthy recipe are all small steps in the right direction. Again, consistency is key.

But who am I to dish out advice on health, nutrition and fitness? I’ll turn this blog back over to Carl! He’s the expert in that department. In fact, his 4 Steps to Success through the Element of Consistency post he wrote previously fits this theme and is worth checking out.

What could you add to the CONSISTENCY topic? Do you have a question about branding or need help with consistency? Please leave a comment below as I’d love to keep this conversation rolling.

Rob Russo has a strong background in design, advertising and marketing and a love for social media which he puts to good use as Founder & Creative Director of TWELVE TWO Design and Co-Founder & Creative Director of MediaDoc Marketing. He has worked with companies both large and small designing logos, print ads, websites, brochures, newsletters and more. Rob helps businesses — especially solopreneurs and start-ups — develop engaging marketing plans and an eye-catching brand identity. Otherwise, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and kids (and flock of chickens) on their family homestead. Oh if you’d like, you can follow Rob on twitter.

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