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Elements of Wellness| Creating a Lifestyle of Wellness

May I ask you a few quick questions?

  • Are you in transition, personally and/or professionally? Do you need to lose weight but don’t understand how to apply fitness and nutrition? DO you feel weak, out of shape and tired?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, don’t have enough time or energy for the things you really care about?
  • Do you have a dream or goal that’s been on the back burner for a long time?
  • Are things going well but you want to take your life another level?
  • Do you want to live a life of purpose and make a difference?
  • Are you ready and willing to make the changes necessary to create a joyful and fulfilling life?

I’ve been there. As a child, I suffered abuse, rejection, and fear. As a young adult I faced life threatening cancer and anrexia. Then 15 years ago, on my death bed worn out by pain, weary from chemotherapy, lost, afraid and feeling hopeless as I faced my third battle with cancer an answered prayer delivered through a friend changed my life. Soon, through whole foods nutrition I was cured of what premiere Oncologist considered incurable and launched a new journey in my life; the pursuit of authentic wellness of body, mind and spirit. (For the full story visit http://www.el3mentsofwellness.com/my-natural-healing) Today, I live in wellness, not bound by fear, guilt, shame, loneliness or illness. I’ve achieved dreams I thought were lost, I’ve become my most authentic self to date and now I am ready to partner with you to achieve the same for your life.

That is why we founded Elements of Wellness.

Elements of Wellness explores the elements of authentic living. That means body, mind and spirit living in the perfect provision of nutrition; living fit and strong through fitness; living true to each individually unique passion and purpose. It means living in authenticity to who you are uniquely designed to be and do with your life. You have the power to transform the world around you and you’ve been given every tool to fulfil your destiny. We just join you in the journey to offer support, insight, encouragement, hope, build strategy and see you through to the victory line.

We post messages of encouragement and information nearly every day. From recipes to workout plans, goal attaining, even home and landscape design we cover any and all topics related to your whole, true wellness. We share our experiences, our fears and uncertainties, our hopes and dreams. We share our strengths and yes, our weaknesses. We share the journey with YOU.

We also offer a variety of Lifestyle Coaching opportunities in which we partner with you from weight loss to creating a strategy to meet a specific goal.

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We are not psychologists, counselors or therapists.

We are strategists, realists, partners.

We are not your judge but your teacher, friend and mentor to help you, support you and encourage you and most of all give you the support and knowledge you need to achieve the goals you desire in YOUR life!

Message us today! Tell us your goals, dreams, struggles and fears.

We are here for YOU!”